Relentlessly pursued by crooked marshals, idiot bounty hunters, and a psychotic one-eyed pastor, follow as infamous gunfighter Henri Ville takes the first steps in her epic journey home. With gunfights and mysterious tornadoes around every corner, Henri must come face-to-face with a force much greater than herself to reclaim her freedom.

Leigh Ridley has little family, no friends, not much at all. He’s also a murderer, plain an’ simple. Jaded yet methodical, efficient, the best in his dark craft – a gifted killer. But after a life-altering injury, he’s forced to embark on a twisted journey of redemption that will take him from porn stars to a brutal crime boss in a fortified apartment building.

A city will burn and bodies pile up quickly in this thrill-packed journey of murder and redemption, as a young killer fights tooth and bloody nails to save everything that matters.

It’s the spring of 1987 and Syd Siegfried has discovered a mysterious atlas left behind by a dying priest—but what starts as an exciting trek through Philadelphia suddenly becomes a perilous adventure when the ancient relic sends him on a journey into the wildest unknown.

With the help of his plucky daughter Abby and an eccentric group of misfits, Syd will need to follow the clues and solve the atlas for a treasure that holds one their hometown of Philadelphia’s most kept secrets – but nothing can prepare them for what comes next when they uncover a shocking secret…

If you’re a fan of adult mystery sprinkled with a bit of humor and 80’s nostalgia, then this will have you on the edge of your seat guessing what’s next as our heroes unravel the truth behind Philadelphia’s greatest secret.


Richard “Richie” Cunning experiences unusual occurrences when he purchases a house at a police auction. Human remains found in a sewage line—quickly followed by a second horrifying discovery. But instead of finding nefarious spirits, he uncovers an awful, but rational, explanation – and, over time, Richie learns to embrace his knack for unraveling such savage, bizarre mysteries.

Police struggle for leads as children start to disappear, their baby monitors hacked by an unknown predator…

GPS footage from a group of missing hikers…

A ravaged body found in car during pick-up at an elementary school…

…and so many more, each brutal mystery begging Richie’s attention, and each leading him one step closer toward becoming that which he hunts.

Readers describe From Ash as “a must read” and praise Benner’s ability to draw them into the lives of his vivid, beautifully crafted characters. From cults to witches to kidnappings, From Ash delivers on its promise to take readers on an unpredictable, twisty ride.

There is a plan to commit the largest terrorist attack on American soil and the only man able to stop it has been found dead, his lungs disintegrated…but not before he got a single message out.

Mr. Ridley has a wonderful family and a calm, content life—until an old enemy sends his world spiraling out of control with a single statement.

A globe-trotting journey filled with ruthless hitmen, savage bandits, violent mercenaries, and secret societies, epic in scope and unrelenting in pace, Seven Devils is the thrilling adventure of one man’s struggle to save his city, his family, and himself.

A small town in Texas is overrun by a deadly swarm of spiders. There’s nowhere to run as they fall from the sky, taking over the area and wreaking fear-fueled havoc on the once peaceful town. A Mexican firefighter and a racist old man must set their differences apart as they go head to head with the terrifying creatures.

Will they be able to meet eye to eye and come together to save the town from certain extinction at the grips of the deathly spiders?

Can they stop the ever-growing spread of the creatures as they multiply in horrific fashion?

Brimming with political undertones, a set of unlikely character’s stories begin to intertwine. From a pre-teen who immigrated from Mexico so they could get away from the spiders. To two brothers who accidentally immigrated into the town. The story is a horrifying thrill ride from beginning to the gasp-inducing end, as it will test the teamwork of four very different characters while they go to extremes in order to eradicate this chilling crisis.

Expect destruction, horror and some of the most terrifying scenarios you can imagine as the lethal creatures fight back against humanity.