An Atlas for Melancholy Dreamers

It's the spring of 1987 and Syd Siegfried has won a mysterious atlas that will take him on an incredible journey--but what starts as an exciting trek through Philadelphia suddenly becomes a perilous adventure into the wildest unknown. With the help of his plucky daughter and an eccentric group of misfits, Syd will need to follow the clues and solve the atlas in order to get home - but when they uncover a shocking secret, nothing can prepare them for what comes next...







Outlandish New Ways to Punish Strangers

Philadelphia is an army of shadows and a young killer leads the ranks - but when he's wounded in a sudden act of violence, bridges burn and bodies pile up in his bloody fight for survival.









Seven Devils

There is a plan to commit the largest terrorist attack on American soil and the only man able to stop it has been found dead, his lungs disintegrated. But not before he got a single message out...

Mr. Ridley has a wonderful family and a calm, content life--until an old enemy sends his life spiraling out of control with a single statement.

Thus begins a globe-trotting journey filled with ruthless hitmen, savage bandits, violent mercenaries, and secret societies. Epic in scope and unrelenting in pace, Seven Devils is the thrilling adventure of one man's struggle to save his city, his family, and himself.








Henri Ville

Relentlessly pursued by crooked marshals, idiot bounty hunters, and a psychotic pastor, infamous gunfighter Henri Ville takes the first steps in her epic journey to return home.